RAGNAROK 30, 2015


Ragnarok Preregistration

Preregistration will close on Saturday June 6, 2015 at 11:59 pm.

Make sure you go all the way through the payment process! If you do not you WILL NOT be on the Preregistration list. Make sure you bring a copy of your receipt with you to check in at Troll! If you arrive on Saturday and are not on my list and do not have your receipt YOU WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO ENTER AND WILL BE ASKED TO RETURN ON SUNDAY AND PAY TO GET IN!

Preregistration How To:

Step 1: Choose Saturday or Sunday arrival for Adult or Minor

Step 2: Type real name, character name, and camp in the boxes provided and proceed to payment gateway

Step 3: Enter 1 person being registered for

Step 4: Fill in billing information be sure to double check credit card number

Step 5: Fill in billing address with your correct information and the shipping information with your real name, character name, and camp name (this is very important if you are registering for another person)

Step 6: Double check the email address to make sure it is correct or you will not get your receipt

Step 7: Submit all information.

There may be a “double” charge show up on your statement, do not worry it will go away when the transaction has cleared from pending status.

Countdown to Ragnarok

Event Details


Ragnarok opens for setup June 20th (Saturday) and runs through the 28th. Main battles and festivities begin on Monday the 22nd, don’t miss your chance to attend the biggest foam fighting event in history!


Ragnarok is hosted at Copper’s Lake Campground, just north of Slippery Rock and Butler. Please visit http://www.cooperslake.com to be aware of any detours or construction.


Pre-reg. Saturday - 60.00 (adult) - 40.00 (minor)

Pre-reg. Sunday - 50.00 (adult) - 30.00 (minor)

On-site Sunday - 55.00 (adult) - 35.00 (minor)

On-site Thursday- 35.00 (adult) - 20.00 (minor)

On-site Friday - 30.00 (adult) - 15.00 (minor)

On-site Saturday- 20.00 (adult) - 10.00 (minor)


Day events

Welcome to Ragnarok! Take this time to get your camp setup, meet with old friends and learn your way around the campsite. Your week is about to get insane, and you won’t want to do this stuff later.

Night events

Night events coming soon.

Day events

Troy - Agamemnon, king of Mycenae and the brother of Helen’s husband Menelaus, led an expedition of Achaean troops to attack Troy’s unbreakable walls. Assault the beach, temple and walls of Troy, and gain your glory. Alternatively, protect your city and retake your temple from the opposing forces.

This battle will pit the attacking Greeks against the city of Troy in a 30 minute battle, where the Greeks attempt to make landfall, sack the temple, and broach the walls of the city. Meanwhile, the defending Trojans shall attempt to push the Greeks back into the sea, both reclaiming their temple, and their beach.

Battle for Blackwater - The Imp Tyrion Lannister has sprung a trap on the attacking army, and now the army of Stannis must breach the walls of King’s Landing before the Lannisters can get reinforcements. Claim King’s Landing for your King!

Night events

Night events coming soon.

Day events

Warp Point Battle – The portals have opened again. Be the team with the most people in the portals when the drums stop and the portals close.

Mugball – Carry the Mug across the other team’s goal. The mug is a blue white weapon, one that can be swung or thrown to do damage. It can be moved by any means necessary. First team to ten points wins.

Warsong Gultch - This Battle pits Alliance vs Horde on the open fields of the Warsong Gutch. Be the team to get the most flag captures in 20 minutes to win the game.

Arathi Basin - The Basin itself is rich with resources and coveted by both the Horde and the Alliance. The Forsaken Defilers and the League of Arathor have arrived at Arathi Basin to wage war over these natural resources and claim them on behalf of their respective sides. Claim as many of the resources as you can for your side.

On the complex map of the Arathi basin, capture as many resource points as possible and hold them for as long as possible. Show them that the fight was not over in Warsong Gultch!

Night events

Masquerade Ball in the Barn where War Council is held between 7 pm and 11 pm.

Ladies and Gentleman, Elves, Dwarves and Green Skins of all nations.

Let me be the first to invite you to the first annual

Masquerading Ball. Information can be found on the Book of Faces event page.
Food mingling and music of all kinds, fun to be had by any and all. Wear you
fancy garb (Lords and Lady’s to the common folk, show off your prettiest garb
and accessories) as we have a special guest greeter who is asking the big

question ” Where did you get those fancy cloths”.

Day events

Massive Kill your Killer game on the Osgiliath Field – Explore the Osgiliath Field while attempting to play the Biggest game of Kill your Killer you have ever participated in.

Ten-Man-Team Free For all On the Osgiliath Field – Ten Man teams form at various resurrection points and go out to Slay anyone else on the field. Form a new team when you die and try again.

Castle Assault around the Castle - Seven holy points around the castle, See how long your team can hold them. Touch and go resurrections.

Osgiliath - Hold onto as many holy points as possible on the island city of Osgiliath in this thirty minute battle. Resurrections happen in groups. If you can manage to capture a holy point near one of the siege weapons, you now get control of that siege weapon. If the battle goes particularly well we might run it again with the good team starting out on the island, then the Evil team starting on the island. The crowd shall decide.

Minas Tirith - In this timed battle, the defenders have to hold onto the city of Minas Tirith for as long as possible. In this meat grinder, every death counts for the defending team, as every resurrection point has a kill count on it. As the attacking team progresses into the city, they will be capturing resurrection points and keeping themselves closer to the fighting. Reinforcements for both sides can spawn freely outside the city gates, but there, they must fight off the other team to continue into the city.

Night events

Night events coming soon.

Day events

Tournament Day - Blue Tournament, Red Tournament, Two Weapon Tournament, Green Weapon Tournament, War God Tournament, Four Horsemen Tournament, Seven Man Tournament. And down where the woods battling is, after dark, the Dagger Tournament.

ALL NEW! Twenty-One Man Tournament. If you can’t form 21 men out of your group, find two other seven man groups.

Woods Battle - Playthings of the Gods - A 3-plus hour, multi-team resurrection woods battle. There will be 5 or 6 teams (depending on how many fighters show up) and fewer artifacts than there are teams; this ensures each team doesn’t end up with one artifact in their base, defending it with no one attacking.

The objective is to capture as many artifacts as you can and hold them in your team’s base for as long as you can.

Battle for Runestone Hill

Assault on Sin City (To be run by Angus and the Friday team)

Night events

Night events coming soon.

Day events

Ring the Bell – Two teams, break past the opponents defenses to “ring the bell” that is near their resurrection point. Best of five.

Two Team Battles – Learn the map of Sin City while running five single death matches in its alleys.

Capture the Flag – Capture the other team’s flags. Touch and Go Resurrection. First team to three. Best of five.

Battle for Sin City - A thirty minute three team battle, where one team is attempting to get food from another team while defending the booze for themselves. The second team is attempting to get that booze, while defending the treasure for themselves. And the third team is attempting to get that treasure while protecting the food. These props will be large and hard to move, You are allowed to carry any gear with you that you can while you move them.

Four Bar Battle - In this thirty minute (or first to victory) group resurrection battle, acquire a barrel from each of the other bars for your own bar. There aren’t enough barrels to go around. This scenario showcases similar large props, as well as breakable walls, and a changeable set as the teams destroy the bars they are fighting for.

Night events

Night events coming soon.

Day events

Two Team Fighting - broken up by various types (age, experience region, unit et al)

Vets versus New fighters - A perennial favorite, Can the masses of younger stronger, faster fighters win? Or will Age and Treachery once again rule the day?

King of Dagorhir - This has proved to be a great battle in the past, lets see if anyone is up for usurping Jerkules of The Sowerwine from his throne!

Battle for Evermore – One last hurrah before the end of the week.

Night events

Night events coming soon.

First time?

Ragnarok is Dagorhir’s famous annual war. For one week each year, the Realms of Dagorhir throughout the country gather for the final glorious battle: Ragnarok! Leave the real world behind and enter a realm of mighty heroes. A realm of the fantastic where warrior maidens and grizzled veterans fight side by side with Elves and Orcs. Ragnarok is a week-long extravaganza of mass melee and fun. Ragnarok is a living, breathing celebration of Tolkien’s works and of the European history that inspired those works. This event draws hundreds of Tolkien and medieval combat enthusiasts from all over the United States. Triumphs and defeats, parades and parties, tournaments and pit fighting, belly dancers, song, friendship, bloody battles and more lead up to the final battle and celebration!

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