June 17-25, 2017 - Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA
June 17-25, 2017
Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA

Merchants List for Ragnarok XXXII


A Case of Random
Offering jewelry, hair accessories, and belly dance accessories. On-the-spot customizations available.

Ajna Drums
Makers & marketers of handmade drums, accessories, and oddities

Argent’s Trading House (formerly Pillaged Village)
Offering a variety of merchandise, including trim & trimmings, buttons & clasps, patterns & costuming books, jewelry & scarves, feast-gear & bottles, as well as sewing & personal accessories. We cater to Makers!

Aunt Pat's Café
Where a broad variety of dining selections are created daily.
Able to accommodate most dietary needs

BadAss Garb
When Looking Good is Not Enough.  BadAss Garb welcomes custom orders; if you can imagine it, they can create it.

Bored Housewife
The Bored Housewife carries handmade garb and garb accessories for the whole family.

Crafty Celts
Historically authentic Celtic and Viking jewelry, handmade in bronze and sterling silver.
As seen in the hit TV show Vikings!

Dancing Pig Pottery
Wonderfully whimsical functional stoneware pottery, some of which is plausibly period.
All pieces are lovingly hand made at our studio just outside of Gettysburg, PA

Darkwater Arms & Armor
We provide high quality, handcrafted leather goods and accessories.
Specializing in leather armor that is made in a variety of sizes and styles, many other handcrafted leather items can be found here also.

Delights of Cathay’
Delicious hand rolled eggrolls and Asian food. WE cook every meal to order to ensure you the best of quality. Served hot and fast.
We also pride ourselves in serving you breakfast featuring our “Omelets fit for a King”.

Egill’s Wood Stuffs
A new addition to Ragnarok. We build all manner of fiber equipment, including weaving looms & kumihimo supplies, mirror & jewelry boxes, and medieval looking furniture that meets the needs of today's reenactor.

New to Merchant’s Row - We’re a Dagorhir focused shop offering all manner of items for your medieval experience. Canvas tents, garb, and feast gear.
We also partner with several artisans from within the sport to bring you the best there is to offer.

Good Basic Garb
Some familiar faces in a new shop - Providing garb & accessories for the whole family, from full kits to single items.
Tailoring, alterations, and repairs available. Fighter tested, Fighter approved!

Gorg the Blacksmith
Gorgtech is the best tech because of premium materials, advanced techniques, and progressive density construction.
Gorg gear is safe, durable, lightweight, and guaranteed to pass first weapons check. GORGTECH: Buy it or Die by it!

Gothic Edge
Bringing you medieval and fantasy weaponry, jewelry, home decor, and other fun things for your needs.
We also offer kilts, sporrans, and wrap skirts.

Knights &Vessels (formerly Knight’s Almoner)
New proprietor, new name, same great offers. Selling feast gear and official Ragnarok T-Shirts.

Knights of the Classroom
Offering unique chainmail for everyone, from children to adults, even animals! If you are looking for chainmail we have it, or we can custom make it.

Red Falcon
Crafting armor and accessories out of leather and/or stainless steel. We hand-make almost all products ourselves here in the US.
We look forward to helping you find or create your next spectacular item!

Merchant Wares
We offer a little bit of a lot, until we run out (or find more!)

Pine Knoll Herb Shop
Bringing you Cooking Herbs, Medicinal Herbs, Soap, Salves, Incense, and African Market Baskets to enhance your Ragnarok experience.

Ragnarok Lending Library
NEW this year! Be sure to stop by Ragnarok’s very own lending library! Fiction/Non-fiction books, graphic novels, and games for all ages.
Please bring an ID or RagTag to check out materials.

Silver Dragon Studio
Silver jewelry / Dice /Skulls /leather work

Swamp Witch Kitsch
New to Ragnarok this year – bringing you Swampy garb, dancewear, jewelry and trinkets.
Featuring “Henna by Kenna” For green skins, by green skins!

Throne Room Furniture
Uthr brings you
wooden furniture, boxes, feast gear and other goods.

Twisted Unicorn
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks. Allergen-free meals available upon request
Also bringing you Forged Foam weapons and shields

Valhalla's Anvil
Your friendly Ragnarok blacksmith. Also featuring jewelry and leather work - all hand made.

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