June 16-24, 2018 - Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA
June 16-24, 2018
Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA

Ragnarok War Council Minutes from June 19th, 2017

Chapters in Attendance: 30

6:21 - Dominus calls meeting to order
6:23 - Representative introductions
6:25 - Will Scarlit addresses War Council

  • There is a tram running for one hour, with two hours running for the woods battle
    • There is a map with the stops clearly marked on the bulletin board
    • Your bus pass is your Rag Tag
    • This morning there were very few people who used the tram, so people should feel free to utilize it
    • Runs from 12:00 and runs for an hour (two hours for woods battle)
  • 1524 attendees on site at this time

6:30 - Crowe addresses War Council

  • Commends Malevolence for running battles Monday
  • Discusses the new shade row
  • Discusses white boards
  • Tannhauser discusses heralds that he’d like (those with loud voices)
    • Battles being run Wednesday are Osgilliath and Minas Tirith
    • Both battles require large numbers of heralds
      • For every dozen fighters your unit is fielding, you need to provide one herald
    • Ringwraiths and Valkyries battle is going to be the second battle due to Thunderdome needing the castle pieces
  • Heralds should be at the field by 11:30 for pre-battle meetings

6:36 - Erekose offers white paint and a sprayer for Day Events use for marking the field
6:37 - Bones addresses War Council

  • Discusses schedule of night events
  • Banner wars discussed

6:42 - Question about dungeon crawl
6:42 - Crowe called forward
Thursday night is when dungeon crawl will occur
6:43 - Galadriel addresses War Council

  • Discussion about Registration and Sign In process
  • Had over 1400 pre-reg this year, which is the highest total ever
  • Up 300 people from last year at this time
  • Troll shifts are all full, but other staff groups need volunteers
  • Remind new people that Saturday is a pre-reg only day
    • Many people had to be turned away because they showed up on Saturday
    • If people show up and say they’re from your unit, you’re going to get voluntold, and so will they

6:46 - Tannhauser states that Valkyrie isn’t here because she’s currently running around right now keeping all the classes running (12 just today)
6:47 - Falgor addresses War Council
Archery class is at RWC barn all week
6:48 - Graymael commends Falgor for having Sunday archery class
6:48 - Dominus commends Falgor for having people put tape on their own weapons to speed up the check process
6:49 - No unfinished business
6:49 - No new business
6:49 - Kyrax addresses War Council to point out that the Treasurer has stepped down this year and that Janwin has been acting as Treasurer this year, and that the RWC will be electing a new Treasurer this year
6:50 - Motion to adjourn
6:50:00.0001 - Seconded
6:51 - Unanimous vote to adjourn

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