June 16-24, 2018 - Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA
June 16-24, 2018
Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA

Ragnarok War Council Minutes from June 19th, 2017

Chapters in Attendance: 34

6:14 - Dominus calls meeting to order.
6:15 - Tannhauser delivers Board of Directors report.

  • Board met on Monday after War Council and went over all the financial information, and Ragnarok is in great shape financially
  • Made around $10,000 in capital improvements
  • Brought up the year-over-year operating budget to about ⅓ of total operating expenses for the year
    • Event could happen even if pre-registration didn’t
    • The amount stored in the bank account allows for comfort in case of catastrophic events
    • We are in an investment phase, and not a growth phase, so we’re looking to keep investing in infrastructure for future years
      • Bought a second trailer for storage
      • Modular castle
      • New Ragnarok Scholarship initiative
        • Ragnarok Scholarship will allow Section Heads to nominate individuals who show an outstanding amount of volunteer effort for free entry the following year
        • Section Heads will have to write one to two paragraph reasons why these people are nominated
        • The Board will review all nominations
        • Nominations will be posted on the Ragnarok website so that everyone can know who went above and beyond in helping with the event
      • Continuation of Troll automation system
        • We think we can improve upon it by investing in additional technology and development
        • This could include electronic camp checkin and land grab via digital maps
      • Last year Treasurer did drop out about 3-4 months prior to the event without any work having been done
        • We apologize for anyone who had budgets late
        • Janwin stepped up as Shadow and filled the position and caught everything up to speed
        • The system worked as intended without any point of failure
        • All paperwork was filed on time everywhere it needed to

6:21 - Will addresses War Council

  • Along Currie Road, on the chainlink fence, socks and towels and other items have been left hanging on the fence. Cooper’s has made it clear that this is not permissible.
  • Dates for next year are the 16th-24th.
  • Asks about the tram and inquires if people used it, to much confirmation.
    • Requests feedback about tram.

6:22 - Akron states that the tram wait was pretty long.
6:23 - Aratari asks if it’s making one cycle and stopping, or going around and around. It’s going around and around.
6:23 - Lack of communication about where to get on the tram, though the driver was stopping when anyone asked.
6:23 - Suggestion about signage for bus stops, and signs saying whether the tram is running or not.
6:25 - Suggestion to use the tram more after battles when people are exhausted. People seem to like the idea of more tram hours in the afternoon.
6:26 - Suggestion to start running the evening tram at 4 or 5 or whenever day battles are scheduled to end so that people wouldn’t leave early. If people leave early, they walk.
6:26 - Another reason for not running tram in afternoon is because of cars on site and more foot traffic after fighting, and the tractor being large and not being able to get out of the way.
6:27 - Aratari asks if this will be something that keeps getting worked on year to year, and the answer is yes.
6:28 - Reminder that the event isn’t over and that we still need volunteers.
6:28 - The Cooper’s are providing some 4K footage from Osgilliath from a drone that they flew overhead during the battle. We also are hopefully getting some professional photography pictures that we’ll be able to use as well on the website.
6:30 - Falgor addresses War Council

  • Need more volunteers as backs are getting sore and tired
    • Without fresh volunteers, weapons will be far more likely to fail

6:31 - Praise at the speed of the new process allowed by using the RWC Barn as weapon check. Request to use more of the barn so people can be out of the sun.
6:32 - Crowe addresses War Council

  • Dungeon crawl is running by the castle, and tournaments should be finishing or finished by now
  • None of what he’s been able to do this year would have been possible without Wargar, Malevolence of Cairnhold, Tannhauser, and Graymael
  • One of his staff told people that only Heralds can call a kneel, this is false and as it’s a safety concern, ANYONE can call a kneel -- if you see an injury, call it

6:33 - Aratari comments that Crowe and Shamus are extremely hard working volunteers making sure everyone enjoys their Ragnarok.
6:34 - Bones addresses War Council

  • “Night events are happening.”
  • Tomorrow is Blood Carnival with Midnight Madness
  • Asks if anyone has any questions or issues

6:35 - Aggelgorod asks if there’s any way to open more doors for the Masquerade since it was hot. Yes.
6:35 - Bones also thanks Wargar because Thunderdome was an absolute blast.
6:36 - Viccar addresses War Council

  • “It gets dark at night, bring a flashlight.”
  • Once again commends Wargar for jumping and doing anything asked of them whenever needed

6:37 - Middle Earth asks that the fun and shenanigans of Banner Wars and day combat to not happen where it’s not supposed to. Banner Wars came through Merchant’s Row and security dealt with it immediately.
6:38 - Valkyrie addresses War Council

  • “Me standing looks like the rest of you sitting…”
  • Ragnarok University grew quite a lot this year
  • Rag U has been split into a board of directors, with each section having a head:
    • War College
    • Children’s Activities
    • Arts & Sciences
    • Competitions
  • Looking to expand massively on what was created this year
  • The lifeblood of this game isn’t only the fighting, but also those who take part without fighting
  • Ten billboards have been placed around the site with the schedules

6:40 - Question if we can mark the boards better so people notice them more.
6:40 - Some of the boards are really close to camps, and people seem to think they’re just that camp’s board.
6:40 - Suggestion to have a readable PDF of the Survival Guide on the website as well, which is one of the items that staff has already discussed for improvement next year.
6:41 - Arendelle states that Valkyrie is probably too modest to admit it, but she has put an insane amount of work into making Rag U happen. She took it from 3 activities per day to 12, plus children’s activities, competitions, and everything else. When you’re looking to elect representatives to section heads, you want people who will bring capital improvements to the board.
6:43 - Aratari states that they remember Ragnarok I, which was a weekend event, and that they can’t believe what Ragnarok has grown to become.
6:44 - Valkyrie will be putting out a survey on the Ragnarok page after the event and asks everyone to put forward their opinions.
6:45 - Thanks to all volunteers who stepped forward and helped with Rag U this year.
6:45 - Galadriel addresses War Council

  • Last year, we had 1502 people at this War Council
  • This year, we had 1785 people
  • Pleased that she was able to attend a class because of the automation that made her job easier this year
  • Asks if there is anything anyone would like different in the registration process

6:47 - Seems like process was relatively seamless
6:47 - Request for email address confirmation. Totally can be done.
6:47 - Question if there is an official lost and found for Ragnarok. It’s at Security Guard Shack. Anything of value is locked up in Troll, but you still go to Security to reclaim it.
6:49 - Fable address War Council

  • Thank you all for the volunteers that stepped forward
  • First time in a long time that we filled almost all the slots in the first days of the event
  • Nearly every person that had a medical emergency so far has been very receptive of the advice that was given to them by the medics, which is good
  • We have a very good foundation in place right now, and Fable would like to improve on it and grow it as we go forward
    • As Head Medics change, there shouldn’t be any hiccups or burps bringing the new teams up to speed without a change in the level of care

6:51 - Graymael addresses War Council

  • AWC discussed a Dagorhir participant named Ian Scott (AKA: Rog and Vladamir) who is currently incarcerated for child molestation and other similar convictions, and has pending charges. One of the Aratari unit leaders brought printed copies of his legal documents forward, and Aratari unanimously voted to ban him permanently for Aratari events. Raising this forward to bring it to everyone’s attention so they’re aware of this individual.
  • Not saying that anyone has to ban him from their Chapters, but recommends that it be something each Chapter is aware of.
  • Individual was banned from this event a year ago.

6:55 - Akron states RWC does not have the power to change the governance of Chapters, but does have the authority to change the rules. Proposes that we recommend Chapters look into it and ban the individual if merited.
6:56 - RWC has a responsibility to make recommendations concerning the safety of Dagorhir participants.
6:56 - Individual has already been banned from Ragnarok permanently, which is under the purview of RWC.
6:57 - Ragnarok will add information to the site about the individual to allow a point of reference.
6:57 - Arendelle states that Chapter contracts are maintained under the purview of the DBGA, and would expect that the message to each Chapter regarding recommendations for banning across other Chapters be from DBGA.
6:58 - ...so much for a nice, fast no-proposal RWC…
6:59 - Akron believes that RWC can make recommendations, even if not changing any rules.
7:00 - Mallenorod states that one sad fact is that the game is very large and there will always be creepers. This needs to go through other channels.
7:00 - Will states that if someone is on a sex offender’s list and he finds out, they’re not welcome at Ragnarok. Clarification that this applies to non-bottom-tier offenders.
7:02 - Aratari states that DBGA does not pretend to have authority over other Chapters and how they run their business. The structure of the DBGA and RWC bylaws is set up specifically to allow the Chapters to run their own business. It is hoped that people thus take the advice of the RWC as it’s the gathering of Chapter leaders. Suggests that we set a rule that anyone that is a second tier sex offender be kept out of our game. There have been many discussions about how DBGA is structured, but would like to finish this discussion before going over that.
7:04 - Suggestion that there be a proposal that a hub of information is provided where people can find out who is banned for life and why so that Chapters can make decisions on the topic.
7:04 - Motion to table until after elections so staff can return to their work.
7:05 - Seconded. Unanimous.
7:05 - Nominations for Troll:

  • Janwin nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:06 - Janwin (Jon Pelland) elected Head of Troll.
7:06 - Nominations for Weapons Check:

  • Illisai nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:07 - Illisai (Victor Zeleny) elected Head of Weapons Check.
7:07 - Nominations for Day Events:

  • Crowe nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:08 - Crowe (David Croteau) elected Head of Day Events.
7:08 - Nominations for Night Events:

  • Bones nominated. Seconded. Accepted-ish?
  • Drakekin nominated. Seconded. Accepted.
  • Bones withdraws acceptance.

7:08 - Drakekin (Chris Podraza) elected Head of Night Events.
7:09 - Nominations for Rag U:

  • Valkyrie nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:10 - Valkyrie (Sarah Lemay) elected Head of Rag University.
7:10 - Nominations for Medic:

  • Fable nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:10 - Fable (Charlie Payne) elected Head Medic.
7:10 - Nominations for Security:

  • Jetter nominated. Seconded. Accepted.
  • Viccar nominated. Viccar points at Jetter.

7:11 - Jetter (Robert Dunkerly) elected Head of Security.
7:12 - Question about why we are electing a new Treasurer Pro Tem. We are electing a new Treasurer to fill the role. The Board of Directors has the ability to appoint a Treasurer. However, in this case the Board voted to have the RWC elect the Treasurer.
7:12 - Nominations for Treasurer:

  • Galadriel nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:14 - Galadriel (Michelle Dellagnese) elected Treasurer.
7:15 - Nominations for Accountant:

  • Tannhauser nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:16 - Tannhauser (Aaron Orians) elected Accountant.
7:16 - Nominations for Shadow:

  • Nadya nominated. Seconded. Accepted.
  • Noroko nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

Nadya addresses War Council. She’s from Wargar. Has been on the board of admins for Rivendell and helped to get the Siege of Imlandris off the ground - the first campout in Columbus. Goes back and forth between Einherjar and Rivendell. Enthused to help the event run and likes helping behind the scenes and would like the opportunity to help out.

Noroko addresses War Council. From Eryndor. Would like to help out and learn about how Ragnarok runs behind the scenes. Has helped run events, and has been event coordinator of many Eryndor events. Wants to step forward and help beyond the scope of her own Chapter.

Tannhauser asks if either has any financial experience in their real life background.

Nadya handled the budget for Siege of Imlandris the first year.
Noroko handled the budget for the events she ran as well.

Will asks how long they think it’ll take to get them to roar instead of speaking with soft voices.

Vote for Shadow:
Nadya: 24
Noroko: 10
Nadya (Alexandria Waller) elected Shadow.
7:25 - Falgor points out that Noroko volunteers for something every year and wants to commend her for always stepping forward to look to help.
7:26 - Nominations for RWC Chair:

  • Dominus nominated. Seconded. Accepted.

7:26 - Dominus (Sean Richey) elected for RWC Chair.
7:26 - Nominations for RWC Secretary:

  • Jessa Vie nominated. Seconded. Accepted.
  • Noroko nominated. Seconded. Accepted.
  • Jessa withdraws her acceptance.

7:28 - Noroko (Lindsay Demski) elected RWC Secretary. Janwin laughs maniacally.
7:29 - Motion to return prior discussion to table. Seconded.
7:30 - Aratari indicates that the individual previously discussed has been banned from Ragnarok and Aratari. DBGA doesn’t believe it holds the authority to ban someone on a national stage. DBGA believes that the authority should be desiminated across all the Chapters. DBGA is curious what power the DBGA holds over Dagorhir.
7:32 - Middle Earth points out that the perception of power is power, so while DBGA doesn’t claim to have power, they do. RWC votes for proposals, and the DBGA then accepts the proposals and makes it a rule.
7:32 - Dominus reads from the RWC Bylaws which states that the RWC makes decisions about the Ragnarok event, and that RWC cannot make decisions about the membership of Chapters.
7:34 - Other individuals that were thinking about coming to the event were uninvited because they were on sex offender lists.
7:35 - Arendelle would prefer that the information get sent to all Chapters. Not all Chapters come to Ragnarok, so there has to be a way that would get the information to Chapters.
7:36 - Akron suggests that the RWC make the recommendation, as a safety recommendation, and then a long series of words that there was absolutely no hope that I could follow. As a reminder: if you want to put forward a proposal, it has to be in writing according to the bylaws.
7:41 - Valinor states that this is a very serious topic that requires serious thought, and proposes that a written proposal be put forward next year after consideration can be made for the exact wording of the proposal.
7:42 - Mallenorod states that an open list can expose us to liability due to heresay.
7:42 - Falgor agrees that an open list could damage us, but feels that the information should be sent out so people are aware.
7:43 - Motion to table until a written proposal is turned in. Seconded. Motion tabled.
7:45 - Suggestion regarding Facebook group for War Council. Aratari indicates that Facebook is a terrible way to communicate. Someone asks if they have a website. (Zing!)
7:49 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MK6TXMsvgQg
7:51 - Motion to table...something. Seconded because nobody knows what’s going on anymore. Motion tabled.
7:52 - Blackhawk addresses War Council about website. The company that was hired to do the website has now been fired. Email blackhawk@dagorhir.com if you have any suggestions or concerns. WebTekPlus lost their production manager and website developer after they were hired, and strung him along for a while, but they are now tired of it and have fired them.
7:54 - The website was everyone coming together to try and better the game. Thank anyone you know who contributed.
7:55 - Motion to adjourn. Seconded. Everyone wants to get the hell out of here.

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