June 17-25, 2017 - Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA
June 17-25, 2017
Cooper's Lake Campground, Slippery Rock, PA

Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration

Welcome to the Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration page.

To pre-register for Ragnarok XXXII, please provide the requested information in the following sections.

Registration Type

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NOTE: if you are pre-registering a minor, you will have to complete a waiver in person at Troll when you check in, in addition to the information in the following sections.

Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration

Participant Information

Please provide some information about yourself (or your minor) for our records.

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Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration

Character Information

Please provide some information about your (or your minor's) in-game character.

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Camp Information

If your camp is not listed, please have your camp master contact troll@dagorhirragnarok.com to register your camp. If you wish to register without selecting your camp, you can select "Camp Unknown - Will Select Later". You will be required to select your camp when you check in at Troll.

Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration

Emergency Contact Information

Please provide a person who should be contacted in the case of emergency.

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Health Issues

Any health issues indicated here will be kept confidential and will only be used if aid is administered.

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Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration


WAIVER: In consideration of receiving permission from DAGORHIR BATTLE GAMES ASSOCIATION INC. and DAGORHIR RAGNAROK LLC, (Ragnarok) to participate in any Ragnarok sponsored activity, event, tournament, contest, or meeting, the undersigned assumes full responsibility for any bodily injury and. Or property damage arising out of or related to my attendance and/or participation. I fully release Ragnarok, its members, participants, observers, officials, and Cooper’s Lake, and/or administering emergency medical assistance from liability to myself, my assigns, heirs and next of kin for any injury to myself or damage to my property arising out of my attending/participating in a Ragnarok event/activity. I hereby agree that if at any time I feel any Ragnarok activity/event to be unsafe or if I observe unsafe behavior on the part of other participants/observers, I will immediately notify the appropriate Ragnarok officials and/or refuse to participate in or observe any further activities/events. The undersigned is aware of the risks and hazards inherent in participating in any activity, event, tournament, contest, or meeting of Ragnarok and elects voluntarily to participate, knowing that participation involves significant physical contact by others to his or her person and that such participation may entail a risk of injury.

I understand that by registering for Ragnarok, I accept the above release.

I acknowledge that I am over 18 years and of sound mind.

I acknowledge that I have no known physical or mental defects that would increase the likelihood of serious injury if I intend to participate in Ragnarok activities.

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Ragnarok XXXII Pre-Registration

Payment Information

Please provide your payment information. Payment is handled through a secure connection to a third party merchant portal, and no payment information is stored by us.

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We look forward to seeing you at Ragnarok this year!

An error occurred with your registration

We're sorry, but an error occurred with your registration! Please contact Troll at troll@dagorhirragnarok.com and we'll resolve the issue as quickly as possible for you!

We look forward to seeing you at Ragnarok this year!

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